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Party Venues In Northern California

Having live music at your birthday party is very good for the vibe, the mood, easily help everyone enjoy themselves. You can always throw a party (birthday partys party!) at your house and hire a musician or a band. But by hosting the party at a venue that has live music is a very good cost effect idea, isn’t it!?

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These are more affordable options for birthday parties. Some bars, restaurants have live music included so you don’t have to hire your own musicians. You can request songs to the the band, ask them to play the birthday song for you (don’t forget to tip them 😉! ). LOLAH & The Travelers always love to get everyone sing “happy birthday to [the birthday boy/girl]”.

If you’re in Northern California, followed are some party venues near you that we often see birthday taking place.

STIX GRIL & BAR – Fremont – you see Birthday Parties take place here VERY often!

Stix Grill and Bar is an Asian-grill-inspired restaurant with live music from local bands, singers and DJs. It’s perfect for family, group of friends, and especially birthday parties. The atmosphere is very fun and partying 💃🎉

The stage is visible to mostly all parts of the restaurant. They have an open space right in front of the stage if you feel like dancing. By the way, there’re club lights at the dance floor that do get you in the mood.

This place is also a good place for baby birthday party because it’s very kid friendly. You often see kids, even babies here!

LOLAH performs here solo sometimes but mostly with her band The Travelers about once a month. Everyone drinks a lot here. The towels are always the favorite for parties. Their drinks are real good!!! Later night, they usually have DJ too. You would catch club people stopping by sometimes. Dance dance dance…

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Located in the heart of San Francisco, Hard Rock Café is the perfect spot to enjoy some live music while chowing down on some delicious American cuisine. The café has a great selection of food and drink but the real star of the show is the live music. Hard Rock Café regularly hosts local and touring bands, giving music lovers the chance to see their favorite acts up close and personal.

What is better than having free live music for your birthday party?!!!

I’ve seen a college party and some birthday parties here…


LOLAH performs at Saltwood mostly every Saturday brunch. During winter they don’t have live music that often though. But I’ve seen birthday parties very often. There food is really good, fresh seafood. The restaurant belongs to Sanctuary Beach Resort, a high-end resort located on Marina State Beach. Ah! Weddings! Couples love to have their weddings here. Family would arrive early and enjoy a day or two of a retreat at this high-end resort before the wedding ceremony.

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