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corporate event band
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Looking at local live bands to hire for your next event?

LOLAH & The Travelers is one of the best local bands for hire in San Francisco Bay Area. The band specializes in top 40 hits from all time. Fun-loving and always working to get the crowd moving, LOLAH & The Travelers is one of the best entertainment options and a touch of class to your next event for sure. 🎉🎉

live band for hire near me
live band for hire near me

High Energy Live Music For Upscale Events

Offering high energy music that is perfect for upscale corporate events, weddings and parties, LOLAH & The Travelers are great entertainers and always bring a high level of excitement to their performances. 

Live Performance

RPlace, Livermore, CA
Wishing for an unforgettable wedding experience?

Look no further than LOLAH & The Travelers! As a wedding live band, they specialize in customizing any music experience to your special day. Their expanding repertoire of top 40 hits from all genres is tailored to your exact specification. Not only do they bring the house down with their incredible talent–their personalized packages provide all the equipment necessary to make sure that you, your partner and guests have a night to remember! Each band member has years of expertise playing in some of the most recognized venues and settings. With LOLAH & The Travelers your wedding reception will go off without a hitch!

local live band for hire near me
LOLAH is on the summer stage at Filoli on July 23 – Sold Out!
What is the average cost for a live band?

When searching for a band to help make an event spectacular, it’s important to understand that the cost could fluctuate greatly. According to Thumbtack, average prices typically fall at around $200; however, states costs may range as high as $16000 depending on various factors such as experience and popularity of the ensemble. Travel expenses also need be taken into account while considering price along with any additional requirements guests might have in terms of music selection or length performance time needed which can affect labor charges accordingly.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Local Band for Hire

If you’re looking for an entertaining and memorable way to liven up your next event, consider hiring a local band. From choosing the right genre and size of band to coordinating with the venue and reviewing contracts, these five tips will help you get started on finding the perfect live music entertainment for your special occasion.

Consider Your Audience.

The audience you anticipate will determine the type of local band for hire that is most suitable for your event. We’ve seen first hand that age group demographic is usually the best approach when selecting genres and artists to cover. For example, baby boomers often appreciate classic rock bands like CCR, while millennials are more likely to enjoy genres like alternative rock. Choose the genre that best fits your guests and occasion to ensure they get the most out of their experience.

Finding the perfect band for your event can be tricky, especially when you’re dealing with a diverse guest list. Opting for a professional cover band that offers an extensive variety of songs is often the best solution to ensure everyone in attendance will have something enjoyable to listen and dance too!

Whatever the age group dynamics of your guests, LOLAH & The Travelers provides a versatile repertoire of top 40 classics across a all genres – making them an ideal choice for any gathering!

Get References and Check Reputations.

Before selecting a local band for hire, it’s important to ask previous clients for references. You can ask friends and family who have attended events featuring that local band in the past. Also, check online reviews or recommendations to get an idea of the group’s reputation. Knowing their history in performing live music will help you make the best choice for your event.

Review Music Samples and Performances.

A great way to evaluate a band is to listen to their music. Check out the samples they provide and watch videos of their past performance. Reviewing these sources will help you determine if the local band fits your vision and if they are right for your event. When you see a contagious energy in the air, thrilling listeners dancing and belting out melodies – that’s when you know you’re witnessing an unforgettable band!

Consider your experience running the event on the big day.

Making sure your event runs like clockwork is essential, and hiring an experienced band to coordinate with your team will ensure everything proceeds smoothly. With a strong leader at the helm, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that all of the details are taken care of!

Not all local bands can give off a bold, professional vibe. A professional one is the one that can work with your event team and ensure that all bases are covered, including sound check times, playing music at the right time cues specifically for your event, and special requests you may have.

Having played at hundreds of events, we have developed an onboarding process to work with you closely and make sure everything’s well prepared.

Analyze Costs, Contracts, and Insurance Coverage.

One of the most important aspects of selecting a local band for your event is understanding their costs, contracts, and insurance coverage. Some venues require insurance to cover any damages that may occur during live music performance. LOLAH & The Travelers can get that taken care for you. Contact us today for a free quote.

About LOLAH & The Travelers Band Members
local band for hire

Daniel Monroe, better known as Fat Pockets, is a talented bass player and rapper who has performed with some of the bay area’s most popular bands. His bass lines are known for their catchy hooks and grooves, and he has a knack for adding his own unique flavor to any song. Fat Pockets is also an accomplished lyricist, and his rhymes often reflect the bay area’s social landscape. In addition to Adam Levines, he has also played with other popular national touring acts such as No Doubt, Incubus, Papa Roach, The Roots, Digital Underground, Fishbone, Pato Banton, Spearhead to name a few. Fat Pockets is a bay area native, and his love for music is evident in his performances. Proudly having Fat Pockets as a band member, LOLAH & Travelers is dedicated to bringing your guests to the dance floor.

Deedee – keyboards: During her formative years, DeeDee studied the violin at the SF Conservatory Of Music (SFCM), eventually becoming Concert Master by her Junior year in high school. Her studies at U.C. Berkeley in Computer Science temporarily pulled her away from music, but she ultimately returned, playing jazz piano professionally. After years of playing in top-40 dance bands, DeeDee has taken on the challenging chords, rhythms and arrangements of LOLAH’s originals, providing the foundation and freedom for LOLAH to express herself through her music.

Andy is the drummer of LOLAH & The Travelers, a band that is quickly rising to fame. His drumming skills have been honed over many years of playing in clubs and on tour across the United States. He first started his musical journey with Family Love, a disco band that was popular in the 70s. As he gained more experience as a musician, Andy joined forces with LOLAH & The Travelers. He has since become an integral part of the group, often leading them to sold-out shows and critical acclaim. His skillful technique and tight rhythms help create an upbeat atmosphere that gets people on their feet dancing. With his rhythm section prowess and dynamic energy, he helps bring their music to life on stage each night. 

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