Looking for a singing guitarist for your next event?

Look no further! A talented guitar singer, LOLAH has performed at hundreds of weddings, private parties, and corporate events. With the ability to deliver the right vibe in real time, whether chill background music or upbeat DJ type, LOLAH is sure to bring joy to your guests and keep them dancing all night long. 

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An acoustic guitarist singer can sound like a three-piece-band

LOLAH is so much more than an acoustic guitar singer. With her ‘one-man-band’ loop pedal, she has the rare ability to bring the excitement of a live band, while still providing the intimate acoustic vibe you might be looking for. She’s a full pack! You won’t have to worry about hiring additional musicians!

singer guitarist for hire near me
One of the best local singer guitarists in the Bay Area and has performed in front of an audience of 30,000 people. She’s more affordable than you think!

LOLAH is fun! She interacts with the audience, takes requests and gets everyone to sing along to popular songs. Covering a wide range of music genres, from pop, rock to country, from old-school flames to modern hits, LOLAH can read the room and cater to any demographic or situation. Contact today to get a free quote!


Wedding Reception

January 10th, 2023

She was our Singer/Guitarist for our Wedding Reception in Carmel, CA on 01/10/23. I found LOLAH through the Bash website and looked her up on Instagram. I messaged her on IG and she replied right away. We liked that about her that you can expect to be in communication right away. Very responsive, friendly, kind, professional and very talented. We love her voice and her guitar playing on Youtube and the real deal on our wedding day was exceptional. My groom’s family even requested a song for her to sing and she nailed it. We and all our guests enjoyed her performance so much that we are now LOLAH fans. She felt like a friend to us and we will go watch her live again when we have the chance. Her self-composed songs are great too. Highly recommended for wedding receptions! Fun, energetic and powerful voice and guitar skills.

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When thinking of entertainment for an event, the idea of a live band has always been more popular than solo musicians. There is no question that a live band brings a level of energy and excitement to a performance that singer-guitarists simply can’t match. But a solo musician can be the better option in some circumstances:

  • If you prefer a more intimate mellow type of vibe
  • If your event takes place in smaller venues or you have limited space for the entertainment. 

A number of advantages singer-guitarists have over live bands:

  •  Singer-guitarists are typically more affordable than live bands. 
  • Singer-guitarists are more versatile, able to play a wider range of music styles because it takes much more time for a full band to practice new songs than a solo musician.
  •  Singer-guitarists require less space and equipment

Guitarist and vocalist LOLAH has been known to use a loop pedal during her live performances. This device allows for an endless supply of beats, allowing the music creator complete creative freedom with every performance touch. LOLAH would record her own guitar riffs and vocals while performing live. With this loop pedal, she can also harmonize herself. With skillful use of the device, LOLAH can sound like a three-piece-band while still offering the lively atmosphere you’d expect watching someone play their own instruments rather than singing over backing tracks. 

If you still find it’s hard to make a decision, you can book a free music consultation to get expert advice on which option works best for your event!

What’s the secret to keeping a party dancing all night long?

Experience! An experienced musician knows how to interact with the crowd. See the reaction of the crowd towards their song choice. A wide range song list to pick songs from to cater to whatever the situation is calling for.

Energy! Giving out your energy to fuel to the party!

Joy! You can’t give what you don’t have. But if you do have joy, it’s contagious!

How would you describe your ‘style’?

Pop rock, top 40 (hits from all time and genres)

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