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Having faced darkness, LOLAH emerged stronger, finding solace and growth through the transformative power of music and meditation. Now, she channels her experiences into electrifying pop-rock anthems that resonate with raw authenticity and radiate messages of hope and personal empowerment.

The Guitar Singer Dream

LOLAH grew up in a family that encouraged dreams. Her dad introduced her to the piano at an early age, but LOLAH was more fond of the guitar. She used to stand on her bed with a broom in her hands pretending it a guitar. She could see herself performing in front of a huge crowd chanting her name. LOLAH finally picked up a guitar at 18 and her vision from that childhood bed started to manifest…

The Female Rock Band Breakout

While she was tempted to follow her dad’s profession as a dentist, and actually worked as one for a few years, LOLAH knew that her true calling was music. Her breakout moment happened when she met a group of girls at a record shop in Saigon and decided to form an alternative rock band. As soon as they knew it, they were on the front of magazine covers and TV.

Up and Coming Singer Songwriter in the Bay Area

While LOLAH experienced this and other opportunities in music, she soon felt that she was overtaken by the sex, drugs, and rock and roll lifestyle and decided to turn her life around. “I came to the U.S in 2017 to join my family. I had nothing, no one knows me here, but my family embraced me and I felt true love and peace. I got an MBA and started music in the U.S. I’m a full-time musician now.” In 2019, she released her debut album and began getting play time on many well-known radio stations: KFAI radio (Illinois), KSVR radio (New York), …


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